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Shouldn’t I just Replace My Carpet?

So you’ve been thinking about replacing your carpet? But you either don’t have the money or are cringing at the thousands of dollars it takes to invest in this very expensive home update.

Have you considered cleaning your carpet instead? You may be surprised how great your carpet will look if it just gets a deep cleaning.

If there are ripples in your carpet you can even have them re-stretched before cleaning which many times brings your carpet back to life again.

If your carpet has some snags or tears or a seam that iS coming apart a good repair person can even repair the seam or do a bonded insert using some carpet scraps you may have sitting around your house from the original install of you carpet. Even a small piece of carpet from the back of the closet makes a great bonded insert.

So consider that cleaning and repairing your carpet can save you a lot of money and restore your carpet’s original luster and softness.

by Tammy Castillo

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